March 25, 2009


I rent space at an office condo.....a former corporate headquarters that was purchased as an investment, and is rented out piecemeal to smaller companies. Some suites are larger, others (like my office) are a good sized executive office (with windows, curtains, and glass facing the hallways), and still others are small internal rooms fit for a desk, a chair, and a phone. Kind of interesting mix of clients - self-employed folks, local offices for the trades, lawyers, therapists, body workers, a few tech companies.

The office next door was vacant for a while, and a guy recently rented it. He came by to borrow some push pins, and we got to talking about what we each did. "I'm a gigger" he said. I had heard he was in demolition, so I assumed "gigger" was the term for someone who set the explosives or something.

But no, he went into some detail - a gigger was someone who did whatever one could to make money - which in his case involves demolition, stripping and recycling materials from abandoned buildings, etc.

Amusing - I guess I've been a "gigger" for 15 years or so. People ask "What do you do?" and I reply "What have you got?" - I've done graphics, coding, powerpoint, writing, and all sorts of engineering.

Kind of funny, this guy was all puffed up and proud of his tough economic times hustle, as if he invented the concept of working freelance, and I've been living in that space for 15 years.

Gigger, huh? I've googled the term; it's certainly not in common usage or urban slang. But...whatever.

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