March 11, 2009

One of Those Days

Worked late last night on a website, so got moving a little slowly Wed morning. Worked for a bit, then headed over to the studio for a 9:30 practice. As I walked in at 9:15 I could sense the panic in the work study person's eyes - the 9:00 am All Levels teacher had not shown up and could not be reached via phone. So of course, I got to teach a clas instead of practicing.....

Grab some lunch, then back to work for a bit, and then back to the studio for a noon gentle class. Very relaxing and killer savasana, anything to be in my body for a bit. Then back to work all afternoon before heading out to Bristol for my Adult Ed class. Grab some dinner en route home, stop in to check email and visit with Zippy, and then back to the studio for meditation. Lot of runnign around and a lot of yogaish stuff.

Tomorrow, guerilla yoga with NP. And then a day of work. I'm getting dug out slowly, but the more I finish up and send out, the more work comes in the door. In these economic times, I am not complaining.

off the bed. Too tired for my own good!

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