March 24, 2009


The good part about living in Hartford is that most things we put out to the curb to be collected as bulk waste gets picked up before the sanitation trucks come around. Last night after 11, I heard a truck out front, and a dude hefted the fridge (sans doors) into his pickup, along with the wire racks, and the freezer door. Oddly, he left the fridge section door (maybe there was a space issue, and not that much metal to recycle. The fridge door and a few plastic bits look somewht forlorn out there; on the way out the door I plan to toss the plastic bits into the garbage bin.

A week or so back, the dehumidifier met a suitable fate; although it took a few days - placed it on the curb on Saturday, and it was gone by Monday morning. And many months back I hefted an old water heater (which may have been lined with copper, for all I know) out and that too was scrounged.

I'm assuming the scroungers are seeking the metals to recycle - copper, aluminum. Even though prices have fallen since they peaked out a few years back, they are still worth something. I would not know how or where to start on finding a place to for that stuff - do they take appliances in total, or must one strip the good bits out? I just hope the unrecyclable bits end up in a landfill or waste recycling, and not in the river or stream somewhere.

In any case, I'm happy to provide something for the scavengers to earn a few bucks and keep some metals out of the landfill. It makes me feel kind of interconnected, like an industrial food chain where materials and technology flow downstream, to be reused and re-enter the commercial stream.

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