March 30, 2009

Weekend Warrior

It was one of those sorts of weekends that one needs a weekend to recover from, a Monday morning that makes one reach for the Advil. I'm not a pain med person - I think the last time I took a pill for body ache was back in teacher training; a year ago, and I tend to want to feel my blody (aches and pains and all) rather than doping it into silence. A frame of reference for my state of being this morning.

Thursday night was yoga with JD; not a killer practice by any means but he is someone I have not practice with in eons and he works on minute little places buried in the body, so I felt it on Friday. Friday I taught my 12:15 gentle class (not all that strenuous, but I do get a workut when teaching), and Friday night was the HSO Connections concert. Not physically demanding but a bit of walking, some vino, and a later than usual evening.

Saturday, morning practice with Nykki (always a good workout) and then a walk round the reservoir with my friend Kimi. Been a while since I laced up sneaks (note to self, get a decent pair of running shoes, Saucony maybe) and so the walk put a little ache in my body.

Sunday morning, gentle yoga instead of Shankara (wise move, but not enough) to loosen things up, and then Shake Your Soul with Daniel Leven. My soul has been shaken, but I tend to forget that it's connected to the musculo-skeletal system. So even though my spirit may be that of a 20 year old wood nymph, it's connected to a 48 year old body with a fair number of limitations, injuries, and weight issues. So now that it's Monday morning - ow ow ow ow ow!

And of course, I teach today; I'm starting my Monday / Friday mid-morning power classes. And the suck part is that both studios will be full prior to class, so no chance to lay out a mat and loosen up a bit before class. Oh well.....

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