March 19, 2009

Yoga sightings . . .and sitings for that matter

Three new islands of yogishness on the local scene.

#1) Jeff Zweig is teaching some classes over at Billings Forge Community Works (565 Broad Street, Hartford). Free classes the week of 3/23. Nice to have another yoga option downtown.

I've always enjoyed Jeff's classes, and his gentle, funny energy - I wish him well.

#2) Carissa Field is opening a studio - Body Bliss LLC - in Manchester, behind the Center for Progressive Therapies. Carissa is one of my favorite teachers at WHY (aw, heck, they are all my favorite teachers, bit Carissa was one of my first teachers) and I'm crossing my fingers and toes that she does well with her new space. She is continuing to teach at West Hartford Yoga, but this gives east of the river folks another yoga option.

#3) John Dorsey is presently beta-testing (his words) a small studio space (~12 students or so) in Newington. Contact John for info and perhaps an invite to one of his classes -

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