April 06, 2009

Awe, Respect, and Love

I spent a bunch of hours this weekend with the 2009 teacher trainees down at the yoga studio. Friday night, I practiced with them - a 2.5 hour journey into the hips that left me limp as a rag doll. Saturday night they did their first practice teaching, and I worked with them on assisting. Another long practice; they had already practiced that afternoon and then keyed up for their teaching and assisting. And finally, yesterday I was invited to assist during their noon time practice. Another long one, with an hour or so of yin yoga and then stepping up into inversion.

What an incredible honor to be invited in to witness their process, their training. After Friday's practice, I came home thinking "Did we really do that?" Three killer practices, each weekend? Of course we did. I refer back to this very blog a year ago, and I can sense my fatique, my detoxing, my sense of "Will I ever get there?" - tempered by excitement, by adventure, by hope. And looking around the room this weekend, I saw a lot of that same stuff, in process. Bodies and spirits melting, becoming annealed with Barb's particular mixture of practice, training, and love to become something harder, more durable, more lustrous.

It was so sweet to watch them teach their class - to see them move through the room and perhaps for the first time touch a student, make an adjustment, feel OK about piercing that invisible curtain of propriety and personal space that surrounds each of us. We're yoga teachers - this is what we do. Communicate. Be present. Make contact.

Sunday afternoon, to assist in their practice, to lay my hands on exhausted bodies, to witness and encourage the breath, to feel tissue softening beneath my hands - so very powerful and sacred. To share a smile with a yogi too tired to think straight, to try to pass along through my eyes and my hands "this too shall pass, you'll get through this"

It has been truly a blessing to get to know these folks - even before the training started I began to connect with individuals asking questions, feeling me out about the process they were about to submit to. And after this weekend, I am all the more blessed; I look forward to seeing these folks down at the studio, in classes, in the coming weeks, and to watch them continue this incredible process.

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Kristi Sullivan said...

Jude - thanks so much for your support this weekend. Namaste - Kristi (the one you helped get into my first self-imposed handstand - yeah!!)