April 12, 2009

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Since I am way behind on taxes this year, a checklist of my items to complete today.

I'll check them off as they get accomplished.

[X] Review 2008 invoices, and enter into master spreadsheet (4/12 @ 12:26 pm)
[X] Sort through pile of 2008 bills, bank statments, credit card statments, etc. - piling, filing, binding, searching for missing months, etc. (4/12 @ 1:29 pm)
[X] Enter business checking records into spreadsheet
[X] Enter personal checking records into spreadsheet
[X] Enter credit card records into spreadsheet
[ ] Sort paper receipts and enter into spreadsheet
[X] Enter T&E reports into spreadsheet
[ ] Pull out allowable per diems for all out of town dates in 2008
[X] Reconcile 1099's with invoices and receipts
[X] Enter yoga paystubs and subbing checks
[X] Pull out vehicle mileage from expense reports, service records, and calendar

With all that done, I ought to be in a decent place to fill out tax forms. Consisting this year of:

[ ] Schedule C - Engineering
[ ] Schedule C - Yoga Teaching (new)
[ ] Schedule 1040

Pretty sure I will take the standard deduction this year, but I do have an IRA, Health Savings Account, etc.

Update: I packed it up at around 8:00 pm. All the record sorting and spreadsheeting is done except for a smallish pile of paper receipts, and looking up the IRS per diems. I signed up again for an online tax service (same one I used last year) so with any luck, I can be done tomorrow.....

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Terrence said...

Off topic, but...

Sanyo has a new scratch and sniff screen TV. Kinda like HD, can't get to do it with all channels, but I think channel 30's on the list.