April 06, 2009

Get a Blog.....

I get a bunch of email updates from various spaces I have visited - yoga studios, arts spaces, shops, restaurants. One such contact routinely sends lengthy (the last one was 850 words, 7 paragraphs) essays on various topics, right at the top of the email.

Needless to say, I rarely scroll down to see what is actually being communicated regarding the business in question. So if there were something of interest going on that I might, you know, actually visit the business and spend some money on, that sales opportunity is lost. In addition, if I were to (for example) grow weary of these updates (perhaps due to length or tone), I might simply unsubscribe rather than have them show up in my In Box each week.

This illustrates, I think, the danger of mixing marketing and editorializing. One is spending the time and money to get your business message out - so focus on that. If you really want to ponder the meaning of life, do so at the bottom of your email. Or better yet, set up a blog, and put your musings there, and then perhaps tease the blog and link to it in your email.

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