April 12, 2009

IPod Touch Updating

So I've had my iPod touch a week or so. Wanted to provide a quick "how is it going?" update.

I must start out by saying that I remain truly and wonderfully in love with this thing. I am amazed by all the techno goodness packed into it, and though I have steadfastly refused to fall in love with technology (and more specifically, with Apple technology, I'm a PCer from way back), well, Steve Jobs and Company have got me hooked.

Within my tripartate world (home, work, yoga studio) I find myself within WiFi range most of the time, so I'm constantly able to quick check email, the weather, a few websites. Nice to come out of yoga, and as simply as I look at my phone for messages or call the office, to be able to scan the In Box for anything mission critical. I'm confident I will no longer haul out my laptop at airports or coffeeshops to check up on my cyberaffairs.

I've been amazed by how functional the browser is. I know it's not flash enabled (but I hate flash anyway) - but the website I maintain, loaded with various javascrit and PHP features, runs fine. And the integration of the little keyboard with forms, with log ins, is incredibly smart and useful.

Because the silly thing has a stock quote function, I find myself checking in with the market periodically. The recent economic downturn coupled with a personal burst in income has made me somewhat interested in financial doings (buy low, and all that). It's making me a capitalist. And I am sure there are a dozen other iPhone enables sites I have yet to discover.

I've started to use it for yoga, although I'm struggling with playlists (they seem to be on permanent shuffle, I'm sure there is a setting in there) so the bouncy vinyasa music impedes on the contemplative meditation music. But I suspect I'll keep burning playlists to disks - just easier.

I would love it if some of my favorite video streaming options were available. Hulu.com (for example) or Netflix. But the YouTube integration is wonderful enough.

Bottom line, great investment, I'm a believer....

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