April 27, 2009

More from Hartford Party Starters Union

Got a nice note from Hartford Party Starter General regarding my February blog posting, with this clarification:
Thanks for blogging about us a couple months back! Just want to clarify a couple points. We're staunchly anti-Whalers nostalgia, which explains the dead Puckie graphic on the flyer. We agree, they're gone and people need to confront that reality and move on to a new, brighter, and cooler future. Again, that was the message we hoped to convey having the whale harpooned.

Which I kind of get (dead Whale as satire). Although there are some mixed messages going on (the "F*ck Bob Kraft" buttons make me think there are still some unresolved issues)

Since I blogged in February, they've set up a blog Central Connecticut Foam Parties and are presently in a pissing content with Colin McEnroe (I suspect they would win and actual pissing content, being beer drinkers and all, Colin generally drinks vino.)

I'm still looking for that old tape of Roadrunner....


Party Starter General said...

Bob Kraft is the owner of the New England Patriots. In 1999 he made a number of gestures indicating that he was interested in moving the team to Hartford. Remember when Mayor Mike got that jersey? Anyway, it was all a bluff designed to pressure Mass into footing the bill for the new stadium in Foxboro. So, F Bob Kraft, right? What does that have to do with The Whalers?

Oh, and on the Jonathan Richman thing... I just don't really want to hear Lesbian Bar or, that other one about goths again. Being such a huge fan yourself, you must admit that some of Jonathan's best songs are his more thoughtful songs. That Summer Feeling? True Love is Not Nice? Anyway, i just found it a bummer that those songs were under represented in his set in favor of the goofier songs.

Jude said...

::sigh:: 1999? TEN YEARS AGO! And really, he used Hartford to leverage a better deal up in Massachusetts. Good business for him, and we still got a decent stadium and UConn has turned into a pretty decent college football team.

But you are right, I am conflating Bob Kraft with the Whalers, related only in the "pissed off about the past for a long time"

Jonathon is kind of like Neil Young - every other album used to end up on the cut-out bin (do they still have those anymore?) but going off on sometimes ill-considered tangents is part of the charm. He's writing and playing to amuse himself, and if we happen to get it and want to come along for the ride, fine. Otherwise I suspect he'd go off and research earthworms or something.