April 20, 2009

Vocabulary Mangling from Unexpected Places

***** Snark On *****

There is a WNPR spot running of late, an ad for a story about the local library as a source of books and DVDs, an alternative to bookstores and video rental places in these tough economic times.

Whoever is quoted in the spot suggests that a library card is the key to "....an exponential number of books and DVDs"

Really? Because if you take out books each week, and took 1 book on Week 1, I have to imagine one would need a wheelbarrow to cart off the 128 books you'd be taking out 8 weeks later.

A large number of books and DVDs - sure. Unlimited even. But exponential? Not really....

***** Snark Off *****

I've just heard this spot a bunch of times lately and each time it bugs me.

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