April 27, 2009

The Woodpecker

This woodpecker
Laughingly calls, "Join me!"
I struggle to see it

Sometimes, out of the corner of my eye
I catch a glimpse,
Black and white and speckled feathers
Crested with wisdom and fire
Mischievously darting amond the still-bare trees
A flash of color and light and motion
and gone

I've seen a woodpecker
Dull and dead, stuffed and posed in a quiet room
I've read of its life, its habits
Its food, its home, its passions

But I seek this bird in the wild, free,
Flashing, vital, amazing

And so I go walking in the woods now and then
Just in case.

Jude / April 2009
Dedicated to my fellow seekers and staff at the Vibrance Enlightenment Intensive
Held April 2009, Gove Hill Retreat Center, Thetford, VT

A quick poem I composed as part of our Monday morning re-integration


- barry - said...

Lovely. Really captures the elusiveness and beauty of direct experience. Thanks.

- barry -

Jude said...

Thanks! One day, particularly, a woodpecker was very present in the dyad room (loudly rapping a nerby tree) as I was very close to the edge...and it just seemed very prescient.