April 09, 2009

Yoga Toys

I've invested in another batch of yoga toys - a dozen blocks or bricks, and ten 8' straps. I've been teaching a series in Bristol (Adult Ed) to a fairly large group (15-20), and my supply of bricks and straps does not cover the entire class. Which takes the props down a notch - from tools to use in my teaching to assists for physically tight ot limited students. I would love to say "everybody grab a block and a strap", and guide them through some ab work, some hip work, etc. - so I picked up enough to cover the class.

Not too pricey - I got them from YogaDirect.com - the small low cost blocks were $3.60 each in bulk, and the 8' straps were under $3 each.

And pretty amazing shipping - I placed the order around 6:00 pm on Tuesday the 7th, and they showed up this morning (4/9). And that was using the lowest cost shipping (Priority Mail). SO kudos to you, YogaDirect!

Now I just need to come up with some way to store and transport these.....I have one of those little plastic office cubes, but it's not big enough, kind of bulky, and falling apart. Thinking of one of those larger carts used for groceries or laundry.....

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