May 20, 2009

Cafe Standards

So, President Obama has pushed for new CAFE standards for automotive efficiency.

And it makes me wonder if the big three automakers would be in quite as big a mess today, in 2009, had President Bush (or Clinton, for that matter) had stepped up the plate on this one, and driven the automakers to take the long view of the market (efficiency, down sizing) instead of pandering to the short-sighted desire for big ass cars, trucks, and SUVs.

I once upon a time commented that, regardless of how one felt about the Bush politics, the incompetency of that administration was what really irked. And similarly, one questions the backbone of the man and his party at being unable to take a hard line with Detroit, forcing the industry to take it's medicine. Had government done it's job in steering the industry towards efficiency, as opposed to simply pandering to the market and short lived desire for large cars, I suspect a lot fewer car dealerships would be closing, and a lot fewer manufacturing workers would be on the street.

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