May 16, 2009


Been a long while since I've updated much here. Been running hard and fast, and I'm in the middle of a probably overdue, and not unexpected crash. This morning I spent 75 minutes on the mat with Nykki, moving from sad to weepy to quiet sobbing and back to weepy. Not a physically hard practice, but emotionally a killer.

It's been a fairly frenetic few weeks:

* Mon 5/4: Subbed two yoga classes(gentle & core-ab) and worked at the studio. My 10:45 class cancelled, thankfully.
* Wed 5/6: Two yoga classes, my Bristol Adult Ed and subbed an Intro series.
* Thur 5/7: Dentist appointment, Thai dinner prior to This American Life film
* Fri 5/8: My two yoga classes - power and gentle
* Sat 5/9: Assisted the free Intro to Yoga class
* Sun 5/10: Subbed a gentle class
* Mon 5/11: Subbed a gentle class (my 10:45 power class got cancelled again), Power I with Barb then assisted Core-Ab
* Tues 5/12: Trip to Medway MA for work. Made it back for a Power class.
* Wed 5/13: Bodywork, and my last Adult Ed class
* Thurs 5/14: Bus trip to VT to fetch my car, Leonard Cohen in Waterbury
* Fri 5/15: Taught my two classes, and Kirtan at Vital Life Center

Of course, I've been trying to sneak in work, and life, and practice in there. But really, and truly, I've been doing too much. Time for a small collapse. Thankfully, I'm down to two yoga classes to teach this week (both on Friday) - my Monday power class is being cancelled (we did not have enough students to run the class for the past 3-4 weeks) and my Wednesday Adult Ed series is over. Core Ab does not start until June. So a respite....

I still have a pile of work to do - perhaps I will sneak that in tomorrow. I need to take some time for my own yoga practice. I need to work to get my life cleaned up a bit: bedroom, basement, kitchen table, office - all are pretty much disaster areas.

Friends called up this morning - they were goign to see Star Trek this afternoon, and did I want to go? A perfect escape - a mindless, fun movie and a pizza afterwards. A good way to start to unwind.....

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