May 23, 2009

Handsome Fellow

I wandered down to Wethersfield yesterday to find a little something for a friend's birthday. The Wooden Toy, a high end toy shop, has become one of my favorite spots. They have educational toys, puzzles, little scale model animals and dinosaurs, outdoor toys, dolls, etc. But mostly, what draws me to the store is their large selection of hand puppets, mostly created by Judy & Atis Folkmanis. I've become acquainted with this company at Falcon Ridge (someone often sets up a booth to sell them, although I never have expendable cash there) so Ive been payy to find a shop close to home. And they have so many wonderful critters (not just the ordinary, run of the mill ones) that they have become a favorite source of unusual and appropriate gifts for friends and family.

Yesterday I was looking for something vaguely fairy-ish (my friend being a fairy fan and collector) and although there were several options, I was drawn to a small doll, my friend being in the process of trying to adopt a child.

But while I was there, I browsed the puppets, and came away with this handsome fellow: a Woodpecker.

Loyal reader's will recall my post-Intensive creative piece The Woodpecker - including the lines "Black and white and speckled feathers, Crested with wisdom and fire" and so of course this little fellow jumped right out at me.

Not sure what it is about woodpeckers, I think they symbolize the divine for me right now. I'm pretty happy to have found him, although Elo the dog is curious as all get out (and probably would like a woodpecker of his own).

There is a nice story of the Sugar Maple and the Woodpecker, from the Lenape tradition, here - from the Shabakashauweyek Lenape'wàk [Laurel Ridge Lenapé People] website. Enjoy.....

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Terrence said...

We have a big one in our back yard. The sound he makes on the Oak is like a jack hammer. Amazing bird. Wish we could harness his energy.