May 02, 2009

In the Studio

Post Enlightenment Intensive, I've been slowly bringing my yoga practice back. The heart opening work I did at the intensive left me with an incredible tenderness in the back of my heart space, right between my shoulder blades, and as a result, my ability to move through a chaturanga flow was pretty much non-existent. A time then, for healing, humility, and gentleness. I got onto the mat on Monday night with Barb (core-ab), Tuesday with Nykki (guerilla), Wednesday with Sharon (gentle), and Thurrsday with Nykki (guerilla and then hot). I think I'm ready for my regular practice - gonna get to Nykki's Saturday morning class, and Barb's teacher training class tomorrow....

I've also been in the middle of a lot of teaching and assisting. I assisted Thursday night (a special 2.5 hour WHY Power II class for the teacher trainees and others, which was jammed) and will assist today's TT class. I taught my usual Wed night class, as well as two classes on Friday. This coming week is a teachathon as well - three classes Monday (my power class, Kristen's gentle, Barb's core-ab), two on Wed (m Adult Ed class, Shankara's Intro), and two on Friday (my power and gentle). So a lot of prep work - I don't really write out the full class, but I do like to figure out a theme, a basic flow, note some key postures I want to be sure to get, and block them out in my head.

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