May 10, 2009

Somewhere Out There a person who is attuned to the subtle changes of the planet and the seasons. Who has already affected their seasonal wardrobe swap, who has opened all the windows and swept out all the cobwebs, who has vacuumed out the last of the winter sand and salt from their car. Who has gone through a spring detox, who has drained a bottle of cleaner and two rolls of paper towels on their house windows, whose gutters are not rainy detritus on their porches. A person whose garden is tilled, whose lawn is greening up, whose looking ahead to summer.

This person is not me. I'm horribly behind on spring this year. Blame it on work (busy). Blame it on yoga (busy). Blame it on my living situation (less than fully invested). I'm just not all that present in this life, circa May 2009.

It's May 10th, and I have yet to get my May 1st invoicing out. I've also neglected to send out my April 1st invoice for one client. I'm behind on 2-3 largish projects. My bedroom features a large pile of laundry, a small hill that the dogs are beginning to complain about having to climb over or around. My dressers are cluttered. My winter clothes have made it out of the dressers but not yet into plastic tubs in the basement; my sumemr clothes are still in the basement. Every other day I head down there to find something - wardrobe swap one outfit at a time.

My 2008 taxes are piled up next to my desk at work, waiting for me to pile them and file them into a box labelled 2008. My desk is covered with papers: bills, junk mail, report excerpts, scribble notes regarding phone calls. My white board bears the "to-do" list from January.

I think I am pulling out of whatever malaise has been plaguing me - I see the signs. I'm making lists - one of my methods of motivation and personal rescue from these troubled times. Usually there are a few things on the list that are biggies - and in order to put them off, I get everything else accomplished. So even if the big things do not get done, all the little things do.

My yoga teaching should be slowing down a bit - a Wed night series in Bristol ends this week, a Monday power class might be cancelled, and a week of busy subbing ends on Monday. I'm heading out for some change of scenery this week - a trip to Medway MA for work (new client), a bus trip to White River Junction VT to fetch my car, a trip to Waterbury's Palace Theater to see Leonard Cohen. I almost got my bok eout for a ride yesterday.

Now off to attack that pile of laundry.....

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jwc said...

She's not here either, but somehow we muddled through our messes.