June 14, 2009

Agora Ballroom / Stage West

An interesting article in the Hartford Courant, here: Popular '80s West Hartford Music Hall To Be Demolished

I moved to Connecticut in 1983, and I think I went to the Agora once - perhaps to see Michael Stanley Band. Or NRBQ. Or something. Hard to remember. And do not have particularly fond memories of the place.

But the story is interesting in two ways. The Topix thread for this article has actually generated some interesting comments - reminiscences really. Kind of neat to see the positive aspects of Topix; I am accustomed to seeing Topix wholly as a problem / nuisance.

And second, I had no idea where 165 Dexter Avenue in West Hartford is. So I looked it up on Google maps, and surprise, it's nearby - and I drive by it at least weekly. I've often wondered about the building (it's a pretty desolate industrial area, apparently long abandoned) - and now I know.....

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