June 27, 2009

Me and the Storm

Spent a long day at teh studio yesterday - taught my 10:45 WHY Power class; a 12:15 Gentle class, and then assisted the 2009 teacher training class from 1:00 - 4:00. So I got out pretty much in time for the Big Storm.

I was running errands as the storm was heading towards Hartford - over on New Park the skies were getting dark. As I hit Elmwood (Corner Pug) dark, low clouds overhead were showing signs of circular motion - probably the first signs of what might have been a mini-tornado. The rain started as I crossed South Street, and by the time I got home, the storm was in full fury.

I parked my car in the street; and listened to NPR with the engine running in case an escape was needed - the winds were whipping up the three big trees on the street (one right over our driveway) and I could just imagine a limb falling on my as I parked. Then the hail came - maybe nickel sized at it's worst - as I waited things out. Finally, I made a dash for the house.

The power went out a few times temporarily - but mostly stayed on, as did the cable.

Around 6:30, I headed out to Wood N' Tap in Farmington for "Yogis Eating Non-organic Food VI". The lights at the end of the Rte. 4 exit off I-84 were out, and there was pretty slow traffic all the way down Rte. 4 to Brickyard Road, at which point Rte. 4 was closed.

Amazingly, the Wood N' Tap had power (although we did get to watch a tree limb slowing falling onto the patio). So a nice meal was had by all (I had the Thai Salad w\ Shrimp which was a little too noodley and not green enough for my taste).
Afterwards, driving home, I realized that power was out pretty much the whole way from Wood N'Tap to my house is Hartford. Kind of eerie to drive down Rte. 4 and New Britain avenue sans power - post-apocalyptic even. Wondering if the studio had power, I drove over there to see the studio dark but the teacher trainees cars filling the lot - was kind of surprised that there was not even candlelight visible (the yoga studio has plenty of candles hanging around). Must have been an exciting evening down there.

Power seemed to come back as I passed the Spot Eatery on New Britain Ave (but only on the south side of New Britain so the neighborhood was bright. Pretty amazing news photos, and of course, a lot of Storm Updates) on the news from 5 - 6:30). THis morning dawns bright and clear......bout time!

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