June 16, 2009

One Big Summer Event - The Grumpy Rant

4/17: I'm splitting this into two posts to allow the event (which is a totally good and cool thing that I plan to attend) from the pretty obvious marketing abyss that seems to have accompanied this event.

Part II: Bitching and Moaning

I spotted this event on Facebook. I'm Colin McEnroe's Facebook Friend, and he posted the event. So I clicked through to the link and found the above information. I posted the following comment to his post.
Is this one of those "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" kind of things? Because I cannot, with pretty sharp understanding of The Google, find the cost of this event listed anywhere.

I can call the number or email listed on Facebook to find out , I suppose, but based on a couple of quick web searches, this thing is just not out there on the internets....how people not on Facebook are going to get this critical contact information, I am not sure, neither phone nor email is listed on the invite PDF

And go to the HPL website (I dare you!), and try to find this "major fundraiser" (per Hartford Business Journal) listed or linked. Because I cannot find it.....

HPL, you need to get the word out if you want us to come (which I hope to).

I'm kind of involved in the marketing and advertising field - one of my clients is a pretty visible local tourist attraction, and I work with them on their website, email marketing, keyword / search marketing. If we had a big event running in 10 days, you can be sure you would be able to plug the name of the event into Google and come up with something. Not so this event. You can be sure that if you visited the HPL website, you'd find a button or message on the front page announcing this event. We'd have it on Facebook, we'd try to seed it into blogs, we'd Tweet it a little. Something. Just to get the word out.

I'm pretty sure the mere act of my posting this to my blog will make this the only searchable web reference to this event. I'll keep an eye on my blog referrals the next few days and see how many hits I get, and follow the links back to see what other hits pop up. Does this make me the honorary marketeer / webwench for this event?

I dunno, maybe this is for the cognoscenti; you need to be on the mailing list or something. Maybe it sells out every year and they really don't want or need to get the word out. But if they did want to draw in some new faces and new blood, they need to do some marketing.


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