June 14, 2009

Taking the Bus

Colin McEnroe, doing his column thing this morning: Joyce And The Art Of City Bus Dependence . Nice piece, and worth chewing on.

I'm not much of a bus person, I confess. I do not go places where the busses run all that often, so that when the bus might be an option, I'm clueless as to the routes, times, etc. and connections give me a headache. This despite the fact that my neighborhood is sandwiched between two bus routes - the 39 (which runs along New Britain Avenue) and the 41 (which runs down through Newington into New Britain). And looking at the Greater Hartford bus route map, I see lots of possibilities for bus trips from point A to point B in my life.

Mostly, I do not take the bus for the same reason I do not partake in healthy "slow food" that I know is good for me - I try to cram way too much into my life to afford the time to get from Point A to Point B via anything but my own personal carbon spewing vehicle. So (as on one day last week) I am teaching two yoga classes, sneaking in a few hours of work before and after, running to the grocery store, hitting the bank and the post office going to a doctor's appointment, meeting a friend for lunch, hitting the studio for my own practice, and and and and..... you get the idea. A car is the enabler that let's me cram my Type A life full, and if there is an extra 15 minutes in between stops I try to stuff a little something in there. I suspect I'd be a lot saner and happier if I were to slow down a little.

I hereby vow to find a good reason to take the city bus this summer. I thought about saying "weekly" but I'm sure that will not work (some weeks I do not leave the neighborhood) but there are potential trips downtown (the Science Center beckons) as well as out towards West Farms. Maybe it's a bit colonizing (this is vital transit for some, I am looking to have "an experience") but I need to start somewhere.

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