June 05, 2009

Telecom Tweaking

My mobile bill (AT&T) has been sneaking up there (a 700 minute plan, an extra phone, and a minimal texting package) so I went to see if I could trade down to a lower plan (I routinely rollover 200-300 minutes, my rollover minutes sit at 3000, etc.) - but the only lower plan (550 minutes) cost exactly 1 cent less, and I would throw away 2000+ rollover minutes. No thanks. Unless I switch providers, or cough up for a bundled package (seriously looking to switch the house over to AT&T from Comcast) I guess I have found my level.

On the other hand, I called Boingo - I signed up for a monthly laptop plan a while back (when I was traveling more) but have not used it since January. I have, however, gotten an iPod Touch which I would love to use at Starbuck's, McD's, and sundry other mobile hotspots. So I downgraded to a mobile plan (the only time I use Boingo mostly is airports, and the iPod will be fine for that) and that will save me $2 a month. And let me surf a lot more. Like I need that.

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