July 01, 2009

First of the Month Tasks

No particular reason, just kind of nice to write it all down once in a while. Always a busy day or two.....

* Download monthly ticket orders for EST, sort by type, and send report to client
* Pull Google, Yahoo, and Facebook advertisisng stats and expenses down for invoicing EST
* Put together EST online marketing spreadsheet and forward to contacts
* Pull WHY outgoing emails, craiglist ads, constant contact mailings and record in-studio hours from calendar(s)
* Capture outgoing emails from laptop for retainer clients (EST, SMS, TE)
* Capture outgoing emails from desktop for retainer clients (EST, SMS, TE)
* Export Site reports completed for SMS

* WHY invoice (email)
* EST Invoice (PDF and paper)
* SMS Invoice (PDF and Online Invoicing Site)
* TE Invoice (PDF and paper)
* TAMS Invoice (PDF and paper)

* Record monthly yoga classes - regular classes and subbing
* Erase Dry Erase calendar for present month
* Set up Dry Erase calendar for month after present one

* Export personal and business checking into spreadsheet for tax purposes, document checks recieved for subbing
* Clean up SMS sites (delete expanded files), periodically archive sites to CD ROM (copy to client) and delete aged sites from Hard Drive

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