August 23, 2009

Random Music Posting

Picked up a bunch of CDs in the past month or two. I've got a sample of these in the CD shuffle right now - listening as I get my Sunday morning going. Overdue blogging about 'em.

Kenny White. He opened for (and accompanied) Cheryl Wheeler back in May at University of Hartford. A wonderful surprise. I was taken with a few of his songs, and so picked up two CDs - Symphony in 16 Bars, and Uninvited Guest. I'm a sucker for the guy at the piano....and In My Recurring Dream struck my fancy in a grand opus / stream of consciousness sort of way like Dan Bern's Jerusalem or Springsteen's Jungleland.

Karen Savoca. I think she played the Falcon Ridge showcase a decade ago. I picked up her (then cassette) On the River Road back then (must have been mid 90's) and promptly lost track of her (and once I migrated to CD in my car, pretty much put my cassettes away although I do maintain cassette capability at home). She was back at Falcon Ridge this year and I was so delighted that I picked up her new disk In the Dirt. Karen was a delight in person (as she checked in and out her merch) and somehow I ended up with a copy of 2002's All My Excuses as well.

Girlyman was back at Falcon Ridge this year, and like many at the fest, I picked up their new one Everything's Easy (was a big seller), supplementing Little Star and Joyful Sign in my library. Also a sucker for creative songwriting and delicious harmonies. Also, I think they have the queer.

I make a point of picking up some music from the FRFF showcase performers that tickle my fancy - and this year's haul included Have You Changed The Brilliant Inventions - the GA based duo was a little *too* unicorn obsessed on check-in but their harmonies are sharp and bright, their songwriting strong, and I expect they might be back next year based on CD sales and buzz.

John Elliott also impressed from the stage, and his sales and festival chatter matched his performance. I picked up his American in Love CD, although his showcase featured songs from the download only Too Many Ghosts.

Oklahoma based K.C. Clifford was just a hoot, when she came to check in merch she was so friendly, funny, and happy, and full of show tunes - she was the pre-showcase favorite based on her aura alone. Liked her music too. I picked up Pockets Full of Hope at the fest. Initially a little bummed (not typically a fan of live CDs for new artists) but as I listened en route home, I realized her live CD was full of her between song banter and stories (along with a generous 13 songs)- which made me smile and laugh. So - good choice!

And finally, showcase opener Colleen Kattau & Some Guys won me over with her celtic (to my ears anyway) inspired music and lilting voice, her newest Inhabited Woman has fallen into regular rotation. She hung out in the trailer afterwards and chatted. A down to earth and delightful woman, a dedicated activist and reformer - she gave me a couple of disks by the late (and talented) Jolie Christine Rickman (whose songs Colleen continues to keep alive)

Rounding out the Falcon Ridge haul - Mecca Bodega, whose 2005 percussion work Skin is firmly embedded in my yoga music portfoilo. And Ellis Paul - one of those artists that seem to have fallen through my listening crack (although my musician friend Victoria Bouffard is fan enough for two people) - his latest The Day After Everything Changed is as good an intro as any to his music.

Wish I could say I have listened and digested all this good music - but so far my life has been a bit too crazed. So I chew on it all one bite at a time....

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