November 19, 2009

Note to Billings Forge, Re: Branding

Center for Community at Billings Forge -

Billings Forge Community Works -

The Workshops at Billings Forge -

The Studio at Billings Forge -

The Kitchen at Billings Forge -

Farmer's Market at Billings Forge -

Firebox Restaurant -

Billings Forge Apartments - (admittedly a placeholder site)

There is a lot going on down there on Broad Street - but it seems like energy, communication, etc. are a bit scattered. I had a hard time deciding which website to link to in my previous post. Take a lesson from Real Art Ways (cinema, visual arts, spoken word, community outreach, social events, music, all coming from one entity and accessible on one website) - brand yourself. Set up one website, one path for communications. You can target marketing or outreach, slice and dice your email communications, fund-raising lists and organization internally - but give us one unified face, and we'll be a lot less confused and more likely to come on down!

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