November 23, 2009


I have a pile of mind-numbing, eye-strain inducing reports in the queue, which need to get out by Thursday. And every so often I channel a two year old throwing an "I won't! I won't! I won't! I won't!" tantrum. I think today was such a day. I sat down at my desk this morning to get started, spotted nothing urgent in the In Box, and set out into the world.

I tend to get a lot done when I am avoiding a specific task, and today was no exception. The items checked off my To-Do list include:

[x] Visit the bank, deposit a check
[x] Visit the studio, fetch my keys
[x] Hit the PO Box
[x] Stop by the old house and drop off Zippy's truck keys and my spare house key
[x] Hit the old office for an hour of cleaning and brought a pile of small bits and pieces back to the house
[x] Target to pick up a prescription. While I was there I got my eyes examined and ordered new contacts (a new brand designed to make close vision better, forestalling bifocals for a little while). Also got my sunglasses adjusted / tightened.
[x] Office Depot to buy a new desk chair (on sale) as well as new folders
[x] Home Depot for a timer for the dehumidifier (after testing to be sure it comes up live after power is removed; it does) - a planned purchase
[x] Home Depot for four small plants and a selection of pots - an unplanned purchase
[x] Emptied the car from the old office
[x] Assemble the new chair and slice up the cardboard box for recycling
[x] Repot the new plants - two tropicals for the altar in the yoga room. An ivy-ish thing for the bedroom. A hanging spider plant for the kitchen.

So....a bunch of accomplishments. And the report queue has not grown in the past 8 hours, so I can perhaps begin to knock those off now....

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