November 11, 2009

Settling In

I've owned this condo for two weeks, as of today. I've been sleeping here for a few days. Yet already it's starting to feel like home. Not because of the mess (which I've been picking away at since the move) but just settling in - knowing where the angles are and the rise of the stairs on my feet, finding a routine in terms of heat and window blinds, tweaking the kitchen organization from my initial storing of utensils and foodstuffs.

There have been "firsts" of course. First shower. First night sleeping here. First pot of decaf. First garbage day. First practice in my yoga room. First wake-up call to go ballooning. First load of laundry. Each of them slightly remarkable and each of them building upon the feeling of "home".

There have been some learnings along the way. I decided the suspended ceiling in the basement was (a) a probable cause of smell down there and (b) claustrophobic for the taller folks (including myself) so I've started to tear that out. I'll probably leave the ceiling unfinished. And will most likely remove the garish fluorescents down there in favor of some smaller spotlights for the office. I'm close to deciding to just bite the bullet and get some low pile industrial carpet put in down there for the office. And my initial placement of the entertainment console was probably a mistake; so I need to move that at some point. Just an annoying tear it down and set it up process, plus I need to move the cable.

I've found some "what was he thinking?" moments. Under the kitchen sink (double), one of the drains leaked horribly - I tore into that to find one washer mangled and the other missing entirely. A 50 cent fix. But the cabinet floor under there was completely shot - and my predecesser had put down some small pieces of paneling (with tacks and brads and duct tape) and then layered contact paper over the mess. It was equally amusing and horrifying. All that is gone and I picked up a piece of plywood that I need to cut to size and refashion a cabinet floor for under the sink.

Similarly, the house cable appeared to be cobbled together - Dish cable enters the house in the master bedroom, and cables were jerry-rigged under the carpet to the 2nd bedroom, out the hall and downstairs, and then into the basement. (Did he really have 4 TVs in here?) I pulled them all out, coiled up the Dish cable, and ran my Comcast lines to the living room and the basement (for a small office TV, in case I want to watch something while I work, although without a Comcast box I just get broadcast / lifeline channels)

I'm slowly picking away at the mess. I did 3 loads of laundry last night (all the Queen sheet sets) and weeded out a bag full of mismatched or torn sheets to donate / dispose of. I emptied a box of bathroom / cosmetics / toiletries (still one left). I took some piles down to the basement. And as boxes of things get emptied I'm doing many sinkfuls of dishes (pretty much everything gets wahsed before I put it away) and tossing bagfuls of garbage. Trying to move slowly on that so as not to monopolize the shared garbage bin too much.

I posted some things on Craigslist for free - roller blades (since replaced), a VCR (replaced with a DVD/VCR combo), an old amplifier (remnant of an ill fated open mic project), and an electric typewriter (high school graduation present). All have been claimed (although not yet picked up)

Wednesday morning. Going to mess around online for a bit, savor my coffee and breakfast. Grab a shower. Hit the mat for a bit of practice before teaching this morning at 9. Then off to work. Life, as they say, doesn't suck.....

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