November 13, 2009

Weekend Looms

I'm looking forward to my first lazy Saturday morning at the condo. Last week was moving day - balloon chasing and a busy day, not a lot of time to relax. This week with the moving done and the weather less amenable to ballooning, I might get the chance to just hang out, listen to NPR, drink coffee. Although, upon a small bit of contemplation, that pretty much describes my life this Friday morning as I write this, so I should not complaint.

Life here is good. I did a load of laundry last night and am testing out the "hanging things up to dry" process - I picked up 20 plastic hangers at Target and will use them hang things on my old metal clothes rack and the rafters, in lieu of a real clothesline. With my office carpet down (the Galaxy Carpet subcontractor finished up around 5:30 last night, just in time to get to yoga with Barb), I'm expecting to get my work computer out of Newington and into the basement this weekend - that will signal the beginning of the end of my office experience, which ought to take a few weeks. Lot of paper to sort through, catalogs and magazines to (mostly) recycle, piles to try to bring some sense to. I'll probably try to do a furniture moving day next weekend....before the holiday.

Need a run to Home Depot - small things (hangers for a rack for the stairs as well as some hooks and things, shelf supports, carpet protectors) as well as some plants (yoga studio, kitchen) and maybe a dehumdifier. One of these days I will wander through the house with my boxes of art and photos and put things up.

7:30 am. Time for a shower. Then hit the mat to loosen up my body and work on my classes for today. Perhaps a stop by Home Depot en route to the studio....

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