December 31, 2009

2009 Wrap-up

New Year's Eve finds me baby-sitting my little bud Andrew as his parent's go do 108 Sun Salutations - which would be a bit much for my body (specifically, my left elbow) right now. I'll settle for two hours on the mat with Barb tomorrow....

So I have the opportunity to go over my blog and review the past year.

Some highlights:

* Got a Roku Player
* Said farewell to Peter Anthony, headed home to Australia
* Balloon safety seminar
* Lost a balloon friend. RIP, Mike.
* Got an iPod Touch. Lost an iPod Touch.\
* Taught an Intro to Yoga Series. Taught a Core-Ab Power Series.
* Won a Hello Kitty diary at Wince, an Open Mic at real Art Ways
* Enlightenment Intensive #5
* My GPS took me off-road and I wrecked my tranny en route to the EI. Doh!
* Got a little mention in the Courant (mid life yoga instructors)
* Lots of ballooning
* Lots of hiking
* Got a new little buddy, Andrew James
* House hunted, found a condo, purchased it, and moved in
* Gave up my office and moved into a home office in the basement
* Staffed an EI in December
* Started rehearsing (bass) with the Guinea Pigs

Frost Nixon
Revolution Road
Slumdog Millionaire
Training Rules (Dee Mosbacher / Penn State)
Trinidad (Dr. Marci Bowers / Morning Glow)
Enlighten Up (Yoga)
Glastonbury Kids
Up in the Air
(not counting Roku/Netflix)

Abi Tapia (House Concert)
Krishna Das
Hartford Symphony Orchestra "Conenctions"
Kenny White / Cheryl Wheeler
Rhode Island Sustainable Living Festival
Falcon Ridge Folk Fest
Jack Hardy (House Concert)
Krishna Das (again)

Yoga Events
Back Bay Yoga in Boston
Jill Miller Workshops
Guerilla Yoga with Nykki
Shiva Rae / Mandala of Asanas @ Kripalu
Yoga on the Beach (Mashpee MA)
Tias Little Workshop
Heather Tiddens Workshop

Not a bad year, all in all....

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