February 03, 2010

Two Point Waffles

One of the pitfalls of weight-watchers is the tendencey to get into a rut, food-wise. Having to figure out the points of new foods is a minor hassle; so one tends to buy or make the same meals day-in and day-out.

Right now, my breakfasts are pretty standard:

* 5 Grain cereal (3 points), raisins (2 points), and agave nectar (1 point)
* Microwaved egg (2 points), lite english muffin (1 point), lite shredded cheese (2 points)
* Cold cereal (2 or 3 points) and milk (2 points)

Today I found a new product - Van's All Natural 97% fat-free waffles - which come in at two points for two waffles. Add a little fruit, maybe some maple syrup. Yum....

Finding low point carbs / breads is kind of the holy grail of weight watchers. So I'm pretty pumped to try these....

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