June 06, 2010

Good For The Gores

In this morning's Hartford Courant, a piece by Irene Papoulis

Good For The Gores: Facing Reality Of A Romance That Ran Its Course

Loved this piece.

Still, at times, remaining married can be a result of cowardice or the reluctance to deal with the upheaval that divorce inevitably brings. People sabotage their true spirits in the name of maintaining a false, happily married facade. Or they pursue their real interests in private, sometimes risking humiliating their spouses if they're found out.

I guess I've witnessed too many folks clinging to a marriage that no longer serves either partner, where the inertia or legal entanglement or dependency of the marriage keeps couples bound in discontent. Where the specter of social or cultural disappointment and disapproval prevents the individuals from growth and fulfilling their potentials.

One of the reasons I've never been too excited about gay marriage; I think many relationships do better without the ties that bind....

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