April 29, 2011

Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

I'm headed in for 5 days of teacher training with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal. Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training that is - 30 hours worth of it. So excuse me if I am a bit zoned out for the next week.....

Not really sure why I signed up. I spent a week with Cheri (and Heather Tiddens) in Montana last summer and I'd surely love to catch a bit more of that particular brand of lightning in a bottle. Cheri is one of those persons you just like to stand in the light of now and then; a wonderful swirl of goodness and strength.

Therapeutic Yoga is not something I've really though much of. I love a good Restorative Class now and then; but it remains a minor part of my own practice. And watching myself teach on videotape the other night (as uncomfortable as that was, we were doing the 2011 teacher Training video review and I had gotten tapped to teach one segment for a missing student) made me aware of how much of my teaching is intuitive and body directed, a connection between feeling in my body and voice. I do not so much teach as I pull my students along in my own experienced practice. My classes are a swirling miasma of give and take; my friend Nykki asked "Do you get tired when you teach?" because I am so physically involved in the practice.

So it's hard for me to imagine teaching Therapeutic Yoga - which appears (at least from this vantage) to be much more of a one-way street. The teacher is ministering to her students, there seems to be more thought and less feeling, more of a care-giver or healer role. I am not sure how or if that might work for my teaching style.

At the video review the other night, I was (rightly) called to task for my habit of closing my eyes as I teach. "Sweetie" my teacher said "You've figured out a new way to hide!" Yes, she really said "Sweetie". And yes, I do hide behind those blissfully closed eyes, even as I am tapping into my own body for inspiration and direction. Although, I am proud to say, I've never stepped on a student....

So maybe opening my eyes is the next step. Maybe Therapeutic Yoga is a step outside the box. Three years ago, in the midst of my own yoga teacher training, who could have guessed that I would end up teaching regularly. And yet here we are. So off I go into the unknown, into the future, into possibility.

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