June 07, 2011

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

I've been running pretty hard lately. That's nothing new; I tend to thrive on a busy schedule, multitasking, and a bit of chaos, but it's gotten out of hand. I guess it did not strike me how busy I have been until this afternoon, as I was sending out an update to a client.

In the first seven calendar days in June, I've done over 20 hours of billable work for my main client. This client typically averages ~30 hours a month; June is on track to hit 80 hours (I doubt the pace will continue, but still....). Now as a consultant, I set my fees so that I'm happy with 20 billable hours a week; this past week, this one client alone has paid my salary. This comes on the heels of a pretty typical May (30 hours) and I am sitting on 8 hours of pending work right now.

That would keep me humming right along, work wise, but on top of that, I spent 25 hours in the yoga studio this past weekend, assisting the teacher training. Amazing work that I would not trade for anything, but it's time away from home and other work. I've also taught 5 yoga classes in those seven days. The ticket launch at my second largest client continues (thankfully slowing down, as they settle in to the system and the bugs are slowly found and corrected), but they did drop a few hours of website updates on me.

And things are slipping through the cracks. I have not gotten my June 1 invoices out yet (tomorrow, for sure). My house is a wreck (although I've been doing pretty well with making the outside summery). My fridge is some combination of expired and empty.

Bottom line: It's hitting me how much pressure I am under, time wise. I'm actually doing pretty well with it all - the dog gets walked regularly, I'm caught up on laundry, I'm getting fairly decent sleep, I'm getting in some decent yoga practice. But I do need some down time - a walk in the woods, a few hours with a book, a movie, or a night out with friends.

This week is not going to help much - working at the studio Wed night and Sat morning; Kirtan on Friday night, and a bunch of classes to teach and appointments. But I can already feel a bit of easing; I spent the entire day at my desk catching up on work reports - a few hours tonight and I'll be officially on track. And the calendar for next week looks fairly empty.

With all the folks struggling financially, out of work, underemployed, I should count myself as lucky. I have an incredible palate of income producing opportunities - well paying engineering work, engaging website stuff, and spiritually nourishing work at the studio and teaching.

But balance....there's the rub.

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