July 13, 2011

CT Hackerspace

When I moved into my condo a year and a half ago, the basement featured a pool table, a suspended ceiling, some 48" fluorescent lamps, and an open electrical box with a hanging light fixture in the storage closet.

The pool table went to a friend; the ceiling tiles got tossed (smelled of smoke), but the ceiling grid, the fluorescent lamps, and the open electrical box remained. Last weekend, in a rare burst of motivation inspired by my wiring work for a friend, I (a) removed the ceiling grid, (b) removed the fluorescent lamps (required a bit of electrical work) and (c) closed up the ceiling box.

I put an ad up on Craigslist to find a home for the lamp fixtures and a carton of bulbs - and one of the first to reply was a guy from CT Hackerspace in Watertown, CT. He stopped by this morning to collect the lights to outfit his space, noticed my pile of suspended ceiling rails, and inquired if they were being tossed. Indeed they were, and he took those as well (saving me the hassle of calling the city for a pickup)

CT Hackerspace is "...collaborating to build a community and space to support a wide array of technical and creative disciplines through infrastructure, inspiration, making and sharing." Or more succinctly, a bunch of electrical and mechanical geeks creating a shared space to geek out in - with tools, instrumentation, workspace, etc. I approve....

In fact, I'm gonna go through my piles and see if there is anything that's been sitting idle around here or in Zippy's basement that I can toss their way.....

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