August 11, 2011

Holed Up

Think it was last Thursday; there was a lot going on in Hartford and friends were posting all over Twitter, Facebook, the blogosphere - Billings Forge, the Wadsworth, an art openings, music. Any one of those might have lured me out. But I was up to my usual tricks - spent the day working with clients in Essex and the evening on the yoga mat - by the time 8 pm rolled around I was done. came home, grabbed some food, spent some time unwinding and puttering, and went to bed.

And I realized that I've been kind of holed up, withdrawn. It's been months since I've done anything randomly social (creative cocktail hour, Phoenix After Hours). I completely blew off the Jazz Fest and Monday Night Jazz. I rarely make it north of New Britain Avenue, forget going all the way into Hartford.

Part of that is busy life - folk fest takes a lot out of me and the weekend after was a family reunion. There's been a bunch of work to catch up on in between those, as well as plenty of time teaching and practicing yoga. My condo is a mess; I've been slowly picking away at that. And the summer heat (I recently installed a small window A/C unit in the bedroom, but the house / office does not have AC) has been a bit draining.

I feel a bit more social stirring, and I suspect I'll be popping back up in the world soon. One more summer obligation / vacation (a week in Maine, teaching yoga at GLBT summer camp), and then the fall, and perhaps the emergence of Jude from her cave....

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