March 13, 2012

I Bought a CD Today

Springsteen's Wrecking Ball, to be exact.

I purchase real CDs occasionally - usually direct from the artist at a concert, or at my annual folk fest. Occasionally I'll put some music on a gift list and get something for a birthday or holiday. And once in a while I notice that I am a disk behind on some of my favorite artists (usually folkies) and pick up a handful at Amazon. But mostly these days, I download from eMusic or iTunes.

Of course, it was not simple. Target offered a standard version for $12.99, and a deluxe version for $15.99. The deluxe version has a couple of extra tracks (+), is larger than a regular CD (-, in terms of stacking and storing), and has a larger booklet / insert (+, in terms of aging vision). I went upscale.

Once upon a time, I would have ripped it open in the car and gave it a listen, but my NPR addiction kept me tuned to Fresh Air. Indoor plumbing with a British accent won. It'll get a listen soon enough.

I go back to the days of vinyl; I remember hitting Strawberries in Bristol CT at lunchtime to pick up Born in the USA as a record, and how it was to have a favorite album side (who ever turned the Boston album over to listen to the B side?). Now buying a CD feels kind of retro. And in some ways it feels like a way of supporting live music, live artists, even if Bruce has no need for my royalties.

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