February 10, 2013

New Britain Plow Update

Still no sign of a city plow, since early this morning when a plow came through just to make a path for emergency vehicles....here's a street by street neighborhood update as of 2:00 pm on Sunday 2/10.

Roosevelt St looking north from Edgewood

Edgewood Ave, looking east from Roosevelt

Kennedy Drive, looking North from Edgewood. Nary a tire tread, but someone with a snow blower cut a walking path

Benson Street, looking north from Edgewood

Fulton Street is driveable (with caution), single lane

Hudson Place, looking east from Fulton. Not plowed, sorry Dattco....

Astor Place, looking east from Fulton. Suspect someone on the (dead-end) street had a plow truck.

Parker Control Systems on Edgewood. Lot is nice and clear, has been since yesterday.

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