May 10, 2013

Mix CD - Trains

Every time I come across a train song in my collection I think to myself "I really need to make a mix CD for Audrey" who is the biggest train geek I know. Finally got around to it , abetted by iTunes (I can search on the word TRAIN) and memory (a bunch of these were on CD, not MP3). I avoided a few "easy hits" (Springsteen, Johnny Cash) and I am sure I missed a bunch. But it's a pretty eclectic mix, IMHO. 

Last Train Abigail Washburn
Train In Vain Annie Lennox
Night Train Bill Morrissey
Train In Vain The Clash
Train to Jackson Jeffrey Foucault
Trains Jill Sobule
I Don't Feel Like A Train John Gorka
Morning Train Nanci Griffith
Southbound Train Nanci Griffith
This Train Nerissa & Katryna Nields
Me And That Train Patty Larkin
Ghost Train Rickie Lee Jones
Night Train Rickie Lee Jones
The Train Roches, The
I'm Like a Train, My Lord Sarah Blacker
Chasing A Moving Train Sorcha
Sleeping on a Train Susan Werner
The Train Carrying Jimmie Rodgers Home Iris Dement

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photomonk said...

Don't forget Eddie From Ohio's The Train Song. It's on Portable EFO Show.