November 02, 2014

New Professional Website

I've been taking advantage of a lull in engineering work (my largest client is out of the country until November 10) to revamp my professional website, at

I've recently written about my struggle putting together a coherent professional and personal life (Jill of All Trades / Mistress of None) and also an attempt to pull together the disparate pieces of my non-engineering life into a somewhat coherent whole (New "Business" Card)in preparation for the NERFA Conference.

Much thanks to the folks at Miranda Creative, in Norwich, CT. I've been looking over their shoulder as they have developed a new website for the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat - I'm still managing content and social media, but I've learned enough about Wordpress just looking over their shoulder, working with the new site, to get my own website up and running.

I'm an early acquirer, in terms of the internet and the World Wide Web. I was dialing up BBS at 300 baud, using an Epson CP/M machine in the dark ages, spent a lot of time (and money) using Compu$erve and AOL, and picked up the domain long before corporate America realized the value of domain names. The Wayback Machine has archived the site back to July 1998, I've been hard coding HTML (picking up some javascript and PHP along the way) over the years. I missed the boat in terms of Dreamweaver and other WYSIWIG web editors, but mobile devices, tablets, and responsive design have finally driven me into the hands of Wordpress. 

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