December 26, 2014

2014 Recap

A little early, admittedly, but Christmas was kind of a bummer this year, so I decided that I needed a shot of personal affirmation, which reviewing the past year certainly does. I've linked in applicable blog posts / video / graphics as available.

Folk Music
2014 was a big year for live music. Leaving aside the juggernauts of the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (my annual July retreat) and the New England Regional Folk Alliance conference (November, my first, and an amazing time), I saw (in general order):

The Yoga
A couple of years back one of my clients wrote a Linked In recommendation for me that included the amusing phrase "...Jude has developed a strong desire for the yoga...." and now I've infected others at the studio with the wording "...I'm here to do The Yoga...". 2014 was more of the same, teaching three regular classes a week, regular subbing, a monthly free intro class, as well as assisting the 2014 Teacher Training (my 5th year doing that)

My shoulders remain highly problematic (not helped whatsoever by all the extra weight I've been carrying), which keeps me out of a lot of my favorite power / flow classes; so yoga and I remain locked in a relationship best described as "It's Complicated"

Live Theater / Performance
One visit to Hartford Stage (Hamlet) and one to Theaterworks (Woody Sez) this year. I also got to Chion Wolf's "The Mouth" at Mark Twain House three times, went to see Mike Birbiglia in Boston (a distant friend tagged me for a trip north). And not really in the same category but a Colin McEnroe live show from NBMAA (Typewriter Exhibit) and The Colin McEnroe Show Fifth Anniversary party at the new Infinity Music Hall.

The Guinea Pigs and Making Music
We seemed to play fewer gigs this year but we ratcheted up the quality. Farmer's Markets (Billings Forge and Bozrah), MCC on Main (3 times), and Blue Back Square (1x) were augmented by a wonderful gig at the Manchester Band Shell and an "all originals" set at the Glastonbury Apple Fest. We also popped up in a CT Tourism ad for Hartford Hodge Podge that ran on CPTV for a while this summer.

In the personal performance realm, I stepped up to the mic at the UU East Coffeehouse a few times this year (thanks, Dan!), played bass for a few acts in the Camp Camp talent show, and led a Camp Camp lunchtime flash mob (Sweet Caroline) which was a lot of fun.

And in "sound engineer" mode, I ran the sound for Kirtan 3x as well as provided the sound for OM Street / Live Yoga on Lasalle for about 1000 yogis....

Film and Movies
Really, too many to even begin to list. I spent a lot of time over at Real Art Ways this year, and a few visits to Cinestudio - I caught a lot of the 2014 Oscar Nominees. I also snuck out to the local Rave Multiplex for weekday matinees when the spirit moved me. Highlights included the annual Oscar Nominated shorts (at Real Art Ways) as well as the Out Film Fest in may (I bought a festival pass, and went to a lot of the films)

Not a great year - between yoga commitments, summertime trips, and rain, I did not get out all that much, and missed a lot of the regular events (winter dinner, safety seminar, Plainville Balloon Fest). Nevertheless I did chase more than a few times, and flew at least once.

Home Repair and Renovation
Kind of a quiet year - I painted the back deck, I replaced my kitchen faucet, and replaced my kitchen floor tiles. I picked up and installed a home energy monitor (for personal and professional curiousity)

Not a good year, in the mortality department. My yoga teacher's mother Rita passed away this past year, as did Robert "Buck" Palter, father of my ex-partner Alex. We also lost Gil Dube, a long ago friend from the folk music world, and Laura Bupp, wife of my cousin Jeremy. I've thankfully not lost any aunts / uncles recently, but they are all getting up there and I expect we'll be saying goodbye to some in the coming years.

In Febuary, I assumed the role of condo association president (not that big a deal for a four unit association). I revamped my business website, got some new personal cards printed up (listing all my affiliations - yoga, ballooning, music, professional, social media), and started a new Residential Power and Energy blog

Went on a handful of hikes this year (mostly to the usual place) and spent quite a few hours walking the loop around Walnut Hill Park in New Britain (got to get back on that horse). I invested in, and installed, some new "street friendly" tires on my mountain bike - but have not really ridden much this past year.  also picked up a Fitbit which I use way too sporadically - but it's charged and ready to go in case of New Year's resolutions....

Finally, I snuck in one Red Sox game with camp friends, in May.

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