November 10, 2017

Swirling Winds of Change

I'm reminded this morning of the fragility of spaces, communities, resources, jobs. So many well-intentioned, delightful, and beloved restaurants, shops, arts spaces, music venues and yes, yoga studios, are unable to remain in business.

I'm grateful for the people who keep showing up: turning on the lights and the heat, making that first pot of coffee, and tallying the numbers at the end of the day. I'm grateful for the small business owners who invest time, money, work, and worry into keeping their doors open for themselves, their employees, their clients and customers. So few of us have the passion, the nerve, the discipline to even know where or how to begin.

Part of the yoga practice is developing the tools to deal with change. But it's never easy. Sending a little love out to all my friends and family caught in the swirling winds of change this week....

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