September 22, 2018

Engineering while Female

This blog is not the only place I leave internet footprints; I also post periodically to my professional website, as well as to Facebook, Linked In, etc.

A little while back, I came across an interesting site in my engineering work, and posted about it on Linked In:
Now, when I post these things on that particular platform, I invariably get a lot of "sales pitches" from folks who want to sell something - a monitoring device, a filtering device, etc. I also get a lot of what I might call MAS (Male Answer Syndrome) with fellow (always, male) engineers making suggestions. Finally some appreciative readers who find these posts interesting.

In general, I try to (gently) push them away; I am doing this analysis remotely, have neither access to the site nor responsibility for the resolution. I post simply because it seems curious or interesting, because I might have a theory as to what is going on, etc.

In this case, my response to a few of these "this is what you should do (or buy)" posts:
To be clear, the nature of my work is to receive data, put together a summary / analysis for my client, who turns it over to the local field service folks. I have no direct involvement in the site (finding the specific cause, troubleshooting, prescribing solutions) so the advice, recommendations, etc. here, while on target, are not generally useful to me. I post these not for solutions or ideas, but rather because they are interesting - have been working in power quality for over 30 years so I'm pretty sure I could drill down to a cause and solution if that were in my wheelhouse.
And a response from one commenter (who felt, perhaps, a tad under-appreciated):
I understand from your reply that, as Mr. S told, either current probe not clamped properly or something else. As you have not involved directly and just doing clerical activity, I think discussing more about this posting is meaningless.
::sigh:: The fact that this individual was, in fact, not yet born the day I hooked up my first power monitoring device or had my sleeves rolled up poking around facility electrical panels is not lost on me. Nor that he is from a country where women are not quite fully realized as human beings. And this "clerical work" has involved me reviewing and providing analysis for over 4500 sites / data sets over the past 15 years. In the words of Farmer's Insurance "We know a lot because we've seen a lot"

I could have used it as a teachable moment, I suppose. But I do not have time or energy to fix the world at this point. I simply disconnected from him on Linked In. Pound sand, my narrow minded, culturally hamstrung, and younger, not wiser colleague...

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