May 12, 2017

Big Magic and Bold Music

Heading up to Kripalu this weekend for a workshop with the "Eat Pray Love" author Elizabeth Gilbert (and her punk rock hairdressr partner, Rayya Elias) who appears to have had an interesting life following her runaway hit book. Not 100% sure why; I had some long unused Kripalu credit and have been keeping an eye out for a suitable workshop; this one reached out and grabbed me.

I don't fancy myself an artist; more of a mechanic or technician in service of art. I create magic (and music) but generally serve the visions of others. If I keep and feed a genius it is in being able to see what needs to get happen (and getting it done) or what might go wrong (and ensuring it does not).

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the workshop. Rereading "Big Magic..." last night, Gilbert talks of her friend, author Ann Patchett:
"...Ann has a preternatural ability to render herself small - nearly invisible - in order to better observe the world around her in safe anonymity....her superpower is to conceal her superpower..."
 and then
"...It was as if she she'd thrown off her invisibility cloak and a full-on goddess stepped forth"
I had not read the book before the workshop called to me. But I suspect I'm going there for a reason....