June 08, 2017

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival - Emerging Artists and Most Wanted

It's getting to be that time again - time to fire up the spreadsheet and set up for the 2017 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival performer merchandise.

The 2017 Emerging Artists have been announced (although not yet posted on slowly updated FRFF website)

1 - Alice Howe (Boston, MA)
2 - Aly Tadros (Austin, TX)
3 - Bruce Michael Miller (Nashville, TN)
4 - Caroline Cotter (Maine)
5 - Christine Sweeney (Long Island, NY)
6 - Clint Alphin (Nashville, TN)
7 - Emily Mure (New York City)
8 - Frances Luke Accord (Chicago, IL)
9 - Hadley Kennary (Nashville, TN)
10 - Heather Aubrey Lloyd (Baltimore, MD)
11 - Izzy Heltai (North Adams, MA)
12 - James Hearne (Catskill, NY)
13 - John John Brown (Winter Garden, FL)
14 - Josh Harty (North Dakota)
15 - Letitia VanSant (Baltimore, MD)
16 - Lisa Bastoni (Watertown, MA)
17 - Monica Rizzio (Cape Cod, MA)
18 - No Good Sister (Philadelphia, PA)
19 - Ordinary Elephant (Houston, TX)
20 - Renee Wahl (Nashville, TN)
21 - Robinson Treacher (New York City)
22 - Ryanhood (Tucson, AZ)
23 - Shawn Taylor (New England)
24 - The End Of America (Philadelphia, PA)

1 - Cubbage (Philadelphia, PA)
2 - Pluck & Rail (Austin, TX)
3 - Three Quarter North (Upstate NY)

The 2017 Most Wanted (culled from the 2016 Emerging Artists) were announced some time ago:
The top voted artists from the 2016 showcase who have been invited to the 2017 Most Wanted Song Swap on our Main Stage are:
  1. LOW LILY in FIRST place, with just over 29% of the audience votes.
  2. KIRSTEN MAXWELL in 2nd place garnering 28% of the votes.
  3. BETTMAN & HALPIN – with 23% of the votes.
Several VERY HONORABLE MENTIONS this year. Kipyn Martin placed a close 4th place with just over 21% of the votes cast. If any one of the above artists cannot accept our invitation, Kipyn will be asked.

Also Chelsea Berry took 21% of the votes followed by Heather Mae with 15% to round out our 2016 honorable mentions.
 As the keeper of the merch sales data, I like to compare merchandise sales to the Most Wanted selections (audience polling) and here's how they stack up.

#1 - Bettman & Halpin (#3 in audience polling)
#2 - Chelsea Berry (#5 in audience polling)
#3 - Low Lily (#1 in audience polling, not coming to the fest in 2017, however)
#4 - Kipyn Martin (also #4 in audience polling, and coming as a Most Wanted alternate, yay!)
#5 - Jacob Johnson (did not place in audience polling)
#6 - Kirsten Maxwell (#2 in audience polling)

Not always a perfect match; artists price their merch differently, some do not bring enough and run out, some have additional merch (hats, shirts, etc.) that skews the numbers. Still, it's an interesting comparison to make each year.

Now back to work, starting to fill in as much of the spreadsheet as I can for 2017 . . .