March 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning / Procrastination

It's sunny out, but a bit chilly. I had a day with no obligations (when does that happen? Almost never!) And I have a big queue of work projects that I'm supposed to be chipping away at this weekend. Since I tend to be pretty productive when I am procrastinating over something, it was a perfect recipe for some spring cleaning!

Completed so far:

* Flat Surface #1 - Kitchen Table cleaned off
* Flat Surface #2 - Coffee table in living room cleaned off
* 2nd floor stairs vacuumed
* Basement stairs vacuumed
* Dished washed
* Fridge purged (although not cleaned)
* Kitchen floor swept and mopped
* Bedroom cleaned
* Living room cleaned
* Living room run vacuumed
* Bedroom and hall vacuumed
* Yoga room vacuumed
* Windows washed inside
* Jade yoga mats washed in the tub and hanging out to dry
* Washed and put away winter accessories (hats / gloves / etc.)

Stuff that got moved / put away:

* Tools from yoga room to basement (leftover from miniblind and track lights project)
* Musical gear to yoga room (storage)
* Pile of misc papers and office stuff to basement
* Crock pot to basement
* XC skis and snowshoes to the basement
* Two wheel cart (making its way back from the yoga studio)

Still a couple of small projects to tackle this evening before I settle in to get some work done. But it's been a pretty productive day and my place smells and looks downright livable.

Girlyman Live World Wide 2011

Been a big fan of Girlyman ever since they hit (and wowed) the showcase stage at Falcon Ridge (was it really 2002? Yes, per their Google cached announcements page)

D2 Productions, an occasional (in the past, mostly) client for Powerpoint schlepping, is producing a World Wide Live Concert on Sunday, April 10. Info here. Coyote Grace (another folk fave) is opening.

It's $12 to tune in. Pretty cool idea and neat to see two threads of my life intertwining....depending on what my like looks like that day, I just might peek in!

March 24, 2011

Elements Bistro - RIP

Drove by Elements Bistro on New Britain Avenue the other day to find paper on the windows and a hand scrawled message - NEW RESTAURANT COMING SOON.

Stopping by the Elements webpage, the note:
Elements Bistro has closed it’s doors for business. A combination of a bad economy, bad weather, pending reconstruction along New Britain Avenue, as well as competing with the Center and Blue Back was more than we could manage any longer.

For those of you that have unused gift cards, please email, we will do our best to take care of you as soon as possible.

From all of the staff at Elements, we want to thank you for your patronage, support and mostly your friendship. Remember when one door closes, another door opens!

Kind of sad - was a good place, and a nice alternative to Tapas or Corner Pug in that end of town. Elmwood seems to be on the verge of something - with the new Stop n' Shop, the relocated Crazy Bruce's, the spiffed up CVS, and the new location of West Hartford Yoga. Too bad Element's could not hang in there. Hopefully something new and interesting will take advantage of the space.

March 10, 2011

New Toy

Bought myself a new toy (it is my birthday, after all) - a Tascam DR-07 digital recorder.

Ostensibly, I got this to record yoga classes at the studio, but I am sure I am going to find lots of uses with the Guinea Pigs, Kirtan, and messing around with guitar and bass. I was looking for some way to do this with my iPhone (hackable, but not optimal) but decided to just buy something dedicated.

Amazing how much technological goodness they cram into what amounts to a popcorn unit ($99) - this thing has built in stereo mics, a mic input, line input, line output, USB port, uses an SD memory card (2 GB included) - and records in WAV and MP3 formats.

Once upon a time I used cassette tapes to record stuff. And a tascam digital recorder might have cost $1500. To quote Paul Simon - "These are the days of miracle and wonder...."

March 09, 2011

I Have Amusing Friends

Dear Jude:
As usual, I had every intention of sending you a Birthday Card, but as usual, didn't. So, you will have to make it yourself. Follow the instructions fairly precisely.

Take one sheet of Japanese heavy ragstock paper (preferably Namura No.3) and fold it in half.

Now scallop the edges artfully with an Exacto knife.

Open up your water color outfit and chose a background color. Mix paint and color the interior of the card (lighter at the edges).

On one side paint a cute little dog (use Booga as model) looking up winsomely with big dark eyes, surrounded with stuffing and shredded cloth from torn up couch and carpeting.

On the other side, paint the words: "Happy Birthday, Jude" in calligraphic script.

Under that, write (with Sharpie marker): Love, Audrey

So there you go.....