March 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning / Procrastination

It's sunny out, but a bit chilly. I had a day with no obligations (when does that happen? Almost never!) And I have a big queue of work projects that I'm supposed to be chipping away at this weekend. Since I tend to be pretty productive when I am procrastinating over something, it was a perfect recipe for some spring cleaning!

Completed so far:

* Flat Surface #1 - Kitchen Table cleaned off
* Flat Surface #2 - Coffee table in living room cleaned off
* 2nd floor stairs vacuumed
* Basement stairs vacuumed
* Dished washed
* Fridge purged (although not cleaned)
* Kitchen floor swept and mopped
* Bedroom cleaned
* Living room cleaned
* Living room run vacuumed
* Bedroom and hall vacuumed
* Yoga room vacuumed
* Windows washed inside
* Jade yoga mats washed in the tub and hanging out to dry
* Washed and put away winter accessories (hats / gloves / etc.)

Stuff that got moved / put away:

* Tools from yoga room to basement (leftover from miniblind and track lights project)
* Musical gear to yoga room (storage)
* Pile of misc papers and office stuff to basement
* Crock pot to basement
* XC skis and snowshoes to the basement
* Two wheel cart (making its way back from the yoga studio)

Still a couple of small projects to tackle this evening before I settle in to get some work done. But it's been a pretty productive day and my place smells and looks downright livable.

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