March 09, 2011

I Have Amusing Friends

Dear Jude:
As usual, I had every intention of sending you a Birthday Card, but as usual, didn't. So, you will have to make it yourself. Follow the instructions fairly precisely.

Take one sheet of Japanese heavy ragstock paper (preferably Namura No.3) and fold it in half.

Now scallop the edges artfully with an Exacto knife.

Open up your water color outfit and chose a background color. Mix paint and color the interior of the card (lighter at the edges).

On one side paint a cute little dog (use Booga as model) looking up winsomely with big dark eyes, surrounded with stuffing and shredded cloth from torn up couch and carpeting.

On the other side, paint the words: "Happy Birthday, Jude" in calligraphic script.

Under that, write (with Sharpie marker): Love, Audrey

So there you go.....

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