November 30, 2008


I've been shopping apartments for the past few weeks - looking to move into my own place sometime after the first of the year. My concept - find a 2BR (minimum) place so I can move my business into the 2nd bedroom, close my office, and apply my office rent and the rent I pay Zippy towards the new place. I figured I could afford $800 - $900 per month. I'd have to come up with an additional $1000 - $1800 for last month rent and security.

Now, that's a pretty reasonable mortgage payment for a small place, especially in Hartford. And coincidentally, the house directly behind us is for sale - having been foreclosed upon a several months back. The bank owns it; it's listed for $125K; I suspect it will go for much less. I also realized that I can burn $10K of my IRA towards the purchase of a home, under the "first time buyer" exception.

No idea if this will work out; no idea if there is mortgage money out there; if I qualify for same, if the house is worth a look etc. Being self employed is tough; I gross quite a nice chunk of change but by the time I deduct everything (and you know I deduct everything I can) my net is much lower. But hard to know if the argument that I have been paying $800 / month in "rent" over the past 8 years is going to carry much weight.

But it would be lovely to have my own place, lovely to stay in this neighborhood, lovely to be adjacent to Zippy (we could remove the fence and let the dogs roam between the houses).

I want this, badly - to the point where I might try to get creative to figure out how to come up with the money if conventional methods do not pan out.

November 29, 2008

Azur and Asmar: The Princes Quest

Wandered over to the cinema at Real Art Ways (after far too long an absence) to see Azur and Asmar, an animated movie by Michel Ocelot. Was an incredible film - wonderful story, sonically gorgeous, and visually stunning.

At Real Art Ways, the run finishes up tomorrow. Go see it if you are able on the big screen....otherwise rent it. Highly recommended.

November 28, 2008

And boom....the holidays are here

Thanksgiving was late this year (so they say) and I have to admit I am not in the xmas mood.

This weekend will blur by - with yoga stuff, a book signing this evening, a belated family dinner on Sunday, and sneaking into the office to catch up on work. I look at the calendar, and Monday is the first of the month. Already? Wow....

Next week, a lot of yoga teaching (one of the studio rock stars is away, so I get to do some subbing). Thursday I leave for a weekend at Kripalu, at an Enlightment Intensive. Then a week of catching up. Then a week of travel (Tulsa again). And then, it will be the holiday week.

So...pretty much put it in drive and see you in January. The only good thing is, all this work means I'll be flush with cash about mid-month, so I can do some xmas shopping and close out 2008 with my head above water.....

November 26, 2008

Heading Home

A quick report from the road. DFW, to be specific. It looks like I will be getting my toes back on nutmeg flavored soil a bit after 1:00 a.m. - right on schedule. Huzzah.

Air travel seems very light, comparatively. Tulsa was practically empty - and although the plane was nearly full, I breezed through check-in and security with nary a burp and no line to speak of. And here in Dallas - no problem finding a table in the little food court, the gate area is pretty quiet.

I've seen a handful of servicemen and women in desert fatiques. Just a shout out and nod to them all for their service, a happy thanksgiving with their families, and godspeed wherever their life takes them from today. In all the economic chos, sometimes forget that there is a war on.

Was up in the air about Turkey Day - mom and my brother are hitting the casino (no big family day, we are getting together on Sunday). Zippy is heading down to Westchester to eat with his mom. I think I am gonna tag along with him - so he can come home tomorrow (else he would stay overnight). Which means no yoga tomorrow, but whatever....

Happy thanksgiving everyone. I am just thankful to be etting home safe and on time.

November 25, 2008

Tulsa Update

Down here in Tulsa, on my 3rd trip with this particular sub-client* this calendar year. I've been out to one of their facilities in Long Beach, CA. Also to this facility, last April. Here this week, and it looks like I will be back one more time before the christmas holiday.

This trip was, to be honest, a bit premature. My primary functions - investigate leakage curent and grounding, and check the system demand and harmonics, were not possible because the system was not ready. The "system" is a large flight simulator. And "not ready" means that the 13 motors and variable speed drives that make up the bulk of the electrical load (and create the bulk of the potential leakage current and noise issues) were not yet operational. So....I need to come back.

But, exciting to be here. Nice to get a few more billable days this month. And this seems to be a long term client - with potential for site issues, site prep and installation assistance, and ongoing development work.

Also, I get to occasionally fly (and crash) simulated jets!

* Sub-client = Customer of my customer. I'm getting paid (this trip) by my customer.

Yoga on Television

Watching some yoga show on RSU Public Television as I get ready for my workday here in Tulsa. Kind of fun to watch someone else teach a class, and to plan my own adjustments to her students.

One more day in Tulsa; I am hoping to get out of here early tomorrow, if I can sneak onto an earlier flight.

November 23, 2008

Brought to You by Chesapeake Energy

I'm sitting by Gate D40 at DFW, at a handy little power station, supplied by the good folks at Chesapeake Energy. and not only do I get a stool, a flat surface, and a power plug - but also a hardwire internet port that permits me to save a $5.99 T-mobile Day Charge for another day.....

Oops, belay my last. The hardwire internet quit working (maybe it times out) so I popped the $5.99 T-mobile day pass anyway. Oh well....still the stool, desk-like surface, and AC power is handy and useful.

Off to Tulsa

I'm heading back to Tulsa OK, a follow-up to my trip back in April. My San Diego client is developing power supplies for a client who makes large flight simulators (for Gulfstream's and Learjets and the like). This client is simultaneuously migrating from a hydraulic control system to one based on motors and variable speed drives. When I went there in April, we found lots of electrical noise issues, grounding issues, etc. I made some recommendations back then; this trip out we are going to see what has been fixed, what is still an issue, etc.

It is, perhaps, symptomatic of my life that I never did get that April trip closed out fully (final report, invoicing) so hopefully this will permit that to happen. It also means I'm going to be able to bill my San Diego client a good 5 workdays and 4 travel days this month (plus expenses) which ought to return me to financial comfort moving into the new year. Good thing too....

I'm trying to be positive about this trip; I have not been looking forward to it in terms of life disruption, needing to sub out a yoga class, needing to travel the week of Thanksgiving, and being tied to my client (so I probably won't get any studio yoga in). S'ok. I can catch up on some work (book reports for yoga teacher training, some long term projects). I can catch up on sleep. I can do my own practice.

So, off to Tulsa...I'm back on Thursday. But I'll blog from the road as best as I can!

November 22, 2008

Sell Me on Hartford

I'm starting to sniff around for a new place to live. I'm looking for 2 decent sized bedrooms, because I plan to move my office into one of them. Off street parking for one car. Reasonably safe neighborhood.

I could be looking at a 2 or 3 family. A townhouse or duplex would be ideal. I've never lived in a large building - but even that might be OK. I'm older and not loud - so quiet is good. Since I will be combining my office rent and housing rent, I can afford a reasonable rent, but I'd like to not overextend myself with housing. No roommate situations - being self employed I need a work space, and I've been cohabitating for a while now; I need to find my own space.

Location - there is the rub. I've been living in Hartford for 7-8 years; before that I lived in Waterbury. Right now my center of gravity is around the yoga studio; that is the only place I really need to get to. I like the arts and entertainment I find in Hartford. But I also wander west (Southington / Plainville / Bristol) for things like ballooing, mentoring, medical providers. So I am definitely looking west of the river.

I find myself being lulled westward in my apartment search - New Britain in particular seems to be somewhat less expensive with some nice neighborhoods and buildings tucked away. Plainville seems to have some places.

Hartford denizens - help me out here. Point me at some nice neighborhoods and complexes in the city. I'd love to stay if I can afford it, and I can find a suitable place. I'm a little spoiled, having lived in a neighborhood filled with single family homes the past 7-8 years.

I'm not seriously looking yet - moving is slated for early 2009. But I am definitely hunting around.

November 21, 2008

Sharing Circle

We had a sharing circle this evening with a subset of our teacher training group. As I spoke my piece, and then listened to others speaking, I began to look at my upcoming move a little differently. I've been living in the margins for many years. When I moved in with Zippy, I was moving into a home fully inhabited and occupied. It's Zippy's house, and I was carving out space. Even having my own bedroom a year or so ago was a big step.

But now, the possibility of my own living space looms large. And I began to see this as an opportunity. I'm imagining:

* A place to set up a yoga mat, a dedicated place for meditation and practice.
* A refrigerator and cainets filled with healthy foods, and the opportunity to cook and eat the way I want
* The chance to listen to my music, my radio
* A place for my music, my books, my decor.

I know I am a cluttery person, a messy person. But I am looking at my own place as a chance to break out of that, to be more mindful and craft a living space that is both a home and a sanctuary.

So, I'm getting excited!

November 19, 2008

Farewell Ted Stevens

Looks as if Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens has been defeated in the recent election. Two weeks after the fact, the vote count is finishing up.

Relief, mostly because had he been elected, all sorts of scenarios involving Sarah Palin elevating herself to his Senate seat would have been in play. I suspect we have not heard the last of Governor Palin on the national scene, but for the moment, her 15 minutes are up.


Scenic Root is Back

The "scenic root" image at the top of this blog, that is.

November 18, 2008

2 Bedrooms.....

In other news, I am looking for an apartment. Zippy and I have been drifting for a few years now; I've lived with him since 2001 or thereabouts but we've been in separate room for a few years. We're less sympatico these days; I'm a mess, which grates on his desire for stability and order, and he's an Eeyore whereas I'm a bit of a Tigger. Frictionish.....and we've struggled to make it work but I think we're both ready to throw in the towel.

So, I'm looking for a place to call my own. Hoping to get a larger space (two bedroom), in which case I can close up my office and work out of the apartment (the rent I pay to Zippy + the office rent is about the same as a two bedroom space)

Huge change for me. I've been in exactly two living spaces in the past 20 years. So this is a once per decade kind of move. Needless to say, lot of angst, seasoned with some excitement and some fear. We're both sort of looking ahead - he to having his own space without my clutter and chaos. Me to having my own space for the first time in 7 or 8 years, and perhaps, a bit more sunshine and air with which to grow.

Catching My Breath

Life has felt like child's pose of late: I am on my mat, connecting to the earth, not moving, breathing.

I got back from San Diego early Saturday morning. Nursed a cold throughout my trip which caught me en route home; miserable flights (in terms of ears and pressure) but I made it.

Saturday, I nursed myself with Pho, echinacea, and alka-seltzer plus cold medicine. I also rented two movies: Iron Man and No Country for Old Men. Enjoyed both immensely.

Zippy spent the weekend in Essex, painting his Horizon a sort of cobalt / sky blue that Audrey mixed up from the leftover paint supplies down at the railroad. It's quite striking (which is to say, garish) so I guess he likes it.

I'm catching up on work; I have one long term project to get finished this week before a potential trip to Tulse next Sun - Wed (yes, I love to fly the week of Thanksgiving)

And I am slowly getting my wheels under me, taking it slow as I recover. I did an all levels yoga class on Sunday and Monday, and some guerilla yoga this morning. Maybe see if I'm up for hot / power tomorrow.....

November 14, 2008

Halfway Home

Free WiFi in CLT. I'm kind of sick. Easting mediocre airport chinese food. Home around midnight. Ugh, long travel day.

November 13, 2008

Small World Department - West Coast Edition

Two amusing incidents today, reminding me just how small the world is.

Arriving at my client's today, one of my customers calls out as I walk by "Hey, I saw you quoted in a magazine.....Best Life" Huh? I was stumped. Turns out that an article that Colin McEnroe wrote, in which I was quoted in the first paragraphs, has hit the press, and this guy read it, recognized me (from first names and life journey). I was amused and not so flustered at the reference to a certain notorious aspect of my life journey - my other clients were more amused that this guy was reading this particular (men's midlife crisis) magazine.

Incident #2, listening the KPBS, the local NPR affiliate, a piece on CT Gay marriage (licenses were issued as of today) - and one of my former yoga instructors was identified as applying for a license, and was interviewed.

So, here in San Diego, two shards of my life back home come reaching out to pull me back.

November 11, 2008

Very Well, Very Well

It was a long travel day with mostly positives and one negative.

* No problem with flight departures, arrivals, connections. I got in 20 minutes early in fact. Thanks USAir.
* Hertz Simply Wheels (used automated kiosk) worked remarkably well and was much cheaper than using a person
* I'm driving a weird Chevy HHR in an awful color. But whatever, it's a car.

* Got to the hotel at 2:00 p.m. (after stopping at the supermarket, the drugstore, and for lunch) only to find that check-in was 3:00 pm and no rooms were available until then. I popped out to the car to do some work (using the hotel wireless) and at 3 went back in. Room never opened up until 4:00 pm. I blame management, the desk clerk seemed to care and try to get info, the manager seemed to not give a damn. Homestead studio suites - bleah.

And finally, I popped over to Bird Rock Yoga in Pacific Beach. A kicking Vinyasa I class led by Roberta (studio owner). I was OK with a less vigorous practice (coming off a week of strong practice and a long plane trip), but it was really quite energetic and challenging. LOVE to find yoga that resonates with my home practice, and Bird Rock Yoga hit the spot, and nice to watch another teacher at work. HIGHLY recommended!

I'm hoping to get over to the studio one more night this trip.....

Traveling Again

And so it begins, I'm sitting at a USAir gate, waiting for a flight from Hartford to Charlotte, and from there to San Diego. At some point I felt a 6:40 am departure made sense, and perhaps it will if I can catch some Z's en route. I have a fairly loose schedule in town - a meeting on Thursday wherein I am speaking from 9 - 11 am. Today and Wednesday I have some meetings with my oldest client in San Diego, but also need to get my presentation together (right now it's a spread out over 3 or 4 Powerpoints, need to bring it all into one presentation, and get some hard copies printed out)

I have friends in Escondido I can hopefully connect with for dinner. And I've gotten a recommendation for yoga, at Bird Rock Yoga in La Jolla, from one of the studio regulars who hits a lot of the same hot/power classes that I do. We'll see how that works out. Of course, I have my mat and can get some practice in on my own as well.

I'm gonna miss home, this time out. Tuesday and Thursday mornings have become pretty special with some morning guerilla yoga. Oh well, I'm making money, reconnecting with clients. Hopefully this (and a Thanksgiving week trip to Tulsa) will be it for me, in terms of travel before the end of the year.

November 10, 2008

Five Feathers

Red. Yellow. Purple. Green. Orange.

At the end of each teacher training weekend, we returned to our blanketd to find a feather. We'd place them in our hair, and dance like lunatics, led by our teacher. It was a celebration, a catharsis, a sharing, a lifting up. So at the end of our five long weekends, we had five feathers. I kept these feathers, a keepsake of my training, a trophy of my surviving long, hard weekends. I wrapped them in a hairband (another keepsake) and stashed them in my room.

Tonight, I found the feathers spread out on the bed, chewed and ragged. Elo the beagle / aussie cattle dog had been bored, got a hold of them, and chewed them. The feathers are still intact, just a bit worse for wear.

Initially, I was a little sad, a little angry. Those feathers are special. But I must be picking up a little bit of yogish Vairagya or non-attachment. For I quickly remembered that they were just feathers. I gathered them up, retied them with the band, and placed them in a bit safer spot.

Maybe it's because, six months down the road, I have more than feathers. I've become a yoga teacher. I have students who seek out my classes, who come up to me after class and tell me how it worked for them. The feathers were a symbol of my training, and if I had stopped there, well, the feathers would be all I had for my effort and a precious few weekends. But my training was just the foundation of the building that I am even now constructing with my teaching and my own practice.

How often do we find something precious and special, take a snapshot of that moment, and hold on to that memory for dear life. If I were still holding on to those feathers, perhaps I would be missing all the moments that have come afterwards, and the moments still to come.

Working the Circuit

It's been a hard week of yoga; a mini-bootcamp almost. Starting last Wednesday, I did 5 serious practices (with a small break) in a row. Christine. Barb. Nykki. A rest day. Shankara. And tonight, Marcia. After a few weeks of low energy and healing, it felt like a week of taking this body out for a spin, open her up, see what she can do. Five kick-ass yoga instructors - I am blessed. And crazy. And blessed some more.

Today I taught a gentle class at noon (lot of shoulders, and I worked or demo'd most of the postures) and this afternoon, Marcia's hot class went the same direction. Eagle, dolphin, a bunch of warrior postures and chaturanga, even handstand. So by the time tonight's gentle class rolled around, the last thing I wanted was more shoulder work. Gladly, one of the student spoke of lower back stuff and another of wanting to work her legs - so we went in those directions. My shoulder have that dull throbbing of having done some hard work.

I'm out the door tomorrow, hitting the ground early for a 6:40 am flight out to San Diego. Been ages since I have traveled; I am looking forward to it. Tuesday and Friday are travel days; Wed in San Diego, and Thursday up to Tustin. Gonna try to squeeze some yoga in (of course) and visiting with friends as well. Should be a quick but nice trip.

Blog from the road (of course)...

November 07, 2008

Unintended Consequences

Last Tuesday, I clicked off one candidate for the Working Families party - Urania Petit - for Registrar of Voters. Now, I did not REALLY know that:

* The Republicans and Democrats have sinecure positions. No matter if they do not win, they get a spot (state law)
* Hartford now has (3) Registrars of Voters - a Democrat (who won the election), Ms. Petit (who came in second), and the Republican (who came in 3rd, but gets a spot anyway)

The Courant has details. Including the fact that this position has an 80K salary, and has an unspecified number of deputies ($60K) and assistants ($40K). Add in benefits, and I bet we are looking at $250,00 or more for this little loophole.

Does Hartford really need 3 Registrar of Voter? We have about 50,000 registered voters. We're spending $20 or more per voter for these positions (last year they spent $1M, with only 2 registrars).

I dunno. i'm happy to see more third party participation in the process. But $1M to register voters is a lot of bucks.

I'm going back to my cave and hate on the political process some more.....

Film Festivals this Weekend

A little late blogging about this, but here are two film festivals in town this weekend.

First up, the Hartford International Film Festival is taking place, eith interesting films all over town.

Eros Film Festival

Friday, November 7 - 7:30 p.m.
(Dir. Laurie Lynd, 2008, Canada, 109 min,

Friday, November 7 - 9:30 p.m.
( Dir. Ron Davis & Stewart Halpern, 2008, USA, 95 min,

Saturday, November 8 - 2:30 p.m.
( Dir. Brooke Sebold, Benita Sills & Todd Sills, 2007, USA, 74 min,
Filmmaker Brooke Sebold will be in attendance

Saturday, November 8 - 6:30 p.m.
Free. All are welcome to attend.

Saturday, November 8 - 7:30 p.m.
( Dir. Poppy Stockell, 2007, Australia, 55 min,

presented with

( Dir. Joan Birren, 2003, USA, 55 min,

Saturday, November 8 - 9:30 p.m.
( Dir. Jamie Babbit, 2007, USA, 85 min,

Sunday, November 9 - 2:30 p.m.
(Dir. Moises Kaufman, 2002, USA, 97 min,

November 05, 2008


After a fairly long hiatus, I am heading back into the wild blue yonder for work. Heading out to San Diego / Orange County next week - fly out on Tuesdy, visiting my San Diego client on Wednesday, and then bopping north to do a presentation for one of their clients on Thursday. Head back on Friday, getting in way late.

The week of Thanksgiving, I'm heading back to Tulsa - flying out Sunday, working Mon - Wed, and returning on Wed evening.

Been a long time since I hit the road like this. Gonna wreack havoc with my yoga, but thems the breaks. Ought to be interesting.

Filibuster Proof Senate

Kind of glad we are not close on that one. Because god forbid there were 59 Dems and Lieberman would be #60. That dude is over, and I'd hate to see him empowered by being a key player. Dems, kick him to the curb, stat!

Presidential Trivia

As we drank our beers last night and waited for results to come in, we got to talking about predidential elections of yore. And tried to recall various footnotes in the process. We got stuck a few times, bailed out (mostly) by Shane who has an encyclopedic memory for this stuff. Some places we got stuck:

* Mike Dukakis' running mate (Lloyd Bentsen)
* Who ran againt Reagan in 1984 (Walter Mondale) and his running mate (Geraldine Ferraro)
* Who was Gerald Ford's VP (Nelson Rockefeller, replaced by Bob Dole for the '76 election)
* Dole's running mate (Jack Kemp)


I was in the crowd at Real Art Ways tonight as the election outcome became evident. Ohio was called for Obama - and electoral geeks smiled. But when NBC officially called it for Obama - well, the place went wild.

I was glad to be out among friends, among believers, as the election results came down. And tonight, I go to sleep with a heart that is a bit lighter, a spirit that is a bit more joyful. There are still problems, still struggles, still many mountains to climb. But for the first time in so many years - there is hope.

Congratulations, President-elect Obama. Congratulations, America.

November 04, 2008

Not in Our Neighborhood

Today in the Courant, a story by Hilda Munoz.
Police are investigating a fatal shooting at 78 Gillette Street in Hartford early this morning.
The victim was shot multiple times around 1:32 a.m. Officers found him lying in the second-floor hallway of the building, police said.

One problem. 78 Gillette Street is in WEST Hartford. See the official West Hartford map here (PDF). It's ever so much more convenient to just tick off another murder in Hartford instead of dealing with such unpleasantness in West Hartford, no? Better for the town Media Relations, that's for sure.

I'd post a comment to the Courant site but comments are not enabled; I went looking for an email contact and all the CONTACT US emails are advertising and circulation. So I'll just let 'em stew in it.....

CORRECTION: I emailed the Courant, and they have corrected their story. It was 78 Gillett Street (note the missing "e") - their original story had it listed as Gillette, and their little Google Map pointed to Gillette Street in West Hartford. Now it points to Gillett Street in Hartford.

So....the story is now right. And the crime was, sadly, committed in Hartford. Not that it would be any less sad in West Hartford.....

I Voted Today

My civic duty and right has been exercised, without incident.

Batchelder School (Hartford's Voting District #11) was buzzing but orderly at 7:45 a.m. There were small (3-4 people) lines to check in as well as waiting for the privacy booth. A longer line to plug the ballot into the optical scanner, but I suspect that was due to personnel flow issues - the woman handing out the "I Voted Today" stickers was not well positioned to shunt people away from the scanner so the next person could step up.

But it was wonderful to see all 10 privacy booths filled when I walked in so early; my previous two elections with these machines (off year and primary) the polling place was pretty quiet. Nice to see the system working.

Not too much hubbub outside the polling place - I usually try to avoid the "75 feet away" crowd and had no problems today (except for one lonely Urania Petit supporter).

Now nothing to do but sit and wait. I might get my sorry ass out to Real Art Ways tonight to geek out on electoral vote and cheer as the returns come in. Zippy has little patience for news junkiehood, so better to get my fix outside the house.

November 03, 2008

Election Fatique

....seems to be setting in. For me, anyway. I have little patience for direct mail (kill a tree, slime an opponent). I donated some bucks to Obama, and for my trouble, I get 2-3 emails a day asking for more money. The day Sen. Obama spent untold millions to rent multiple networks for a prime time infomercial, I got an email asking for more money. After a certain point, one glazes over......

Edit: And apparently Diane DiMassa feels similarly. I got this via her email list this morning ---->

I have friends who have traveled to battleground states to chip in. Others are making calls. I dunno, I've actually voted against the candidate / cause that has irritated me the least (all things being equal, on the fence about something). One Democratic primary, I saved up all the negative, mudslinging direct mail I received, and voted for the candidate with the smallest pile. So I have to believe all this effort risks irritation, pissing people off, driving people into the arms of one's opponent.

I'm a big ol' election geek, and will be glued to a television tomorrow if I am not at some election event. But I'm just not that invested in the politicking part of it.

Ah well, 24 hours from now, hopefully this will all be over. And then we can get on with regime change.....

Time Change Madness

It never fails, the semiannual switch to and from Daylight Savings Time always seems to play little tricks on us.

I got bagged yesterday - went over to the office (where I had not to changed my wall clock) and so I worked for a while then headed home to prepare for evening yoga, an hour before I needed to. Minor "gotcha" - I realized my error as soon as I got home, so I changed into yoga duds, went back to the office, then off to yoga.

This morning, Zippy got all dressed, and was warming up the car in preparation for leaving for work an hour early. I had changed all the common space clocks - but he had neglected to change his bedroom alarm clock, and so got up and moving a bit too quickly this morning.

And the dogs seems to have already adapted - Elo got me up this morning precisely at 5:00 a.m. for breakfast. He's been sleeping in a bit of late, until 5:45 or even 6:00 a.m. - but 5:00 a.m. is his regularly scheduled "switch from sleepy bed warmer to hungry pup" mode. So we're back on track there ::yawn::

November 01, 2008

Elements Bistro - Elmwood

Had a nice lunch this afternoon at Elements Bistro, in Elmwood (New Britain Avenue, West Hartford).

Quite nice inside - upscale decor and art, light and airy. The menu was upscale light, with plenty of burgers, sandwiches, and salads, and a pricier selection of entrees. There is a good sized bar area; plenty of good beers on tap. The place reminds me a bit of Plan B (over on Park) but larger. Definitely on a par with the Corner Pug and Tapas in the same neighborhood, at least at first glance.

Zipster had a turkey sandwich with jicama slaw (he liked) and I had the Bistro Salad which was a real treat - perfectly roasted zucchini and asparagus, fresh sliced hams, turkey, and cheese, and slices of fresh cooked bacon, all atop mixed greens. Quite excellant.

Nice to have another dining option in the Elmwood area. They opened up on Wed of last week, and hopefully will survive a new restaurant launch in these troubling economic times.