November 03, 2008

Election Fatique

....seems to be setting in. For me, anyway. I have little patience for direct mail (kill a tree, slime an opponent). I donated some bucks to Obama, and for my trouble, I get 2-3 emails a day asking for more money. The day Sen. Obama spent untold millions to rent multiple networks for a prime time infomercial, I got an email asking for more money. After a certain point, one glazes over......

Edit: And apparently Diane DiMassa feels similarly. I got this via her email list this morning ---->

I have friends who have traveled to battleground states to chip in. Others are making calls. I dunno, I've actually voted against the candidate / cause that has irritated me the least (all things being equal, on the fence about something). One Democratic primary, I saved up all the negative, mudslinging direct mail I received, and voted for the candidate with the smallest pile. So I have to believe all this effort risks irritation, pissing people off, driving people into the arms of one's opponent.

I'm a big ol' election geek, and will be glued to a television tomorrow if I am not at some election event. But I'm just not that invested in the politicking part of it.

Ah well, 24 hours from now, hopefully this will all be over. And then we can get on with regime change.....

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Terrence said...

It's even worse when you have a friend in politics. I know this guy who's been a politician for decades. I'll go years without hearing from him, then I'll see an email from " him " in my inbox. It's not actually from him, it's from his organization. Begging for money. Something's very wrong with this process, on many levels.